The Wise Woman University: Shaman’s Circle

For this post I just wanted to take the time to sort of write a review about a course I have taken at The Wise Woman University called Shaman’s Circle.  My mentor for this course was JoAnne Dodgson.


Before I get to far into the subject of this post I would just like to say that I have taken a number of courses at The Wise Woman University. One of the courses was titled: Nourishing Herbal Infusions – Drink Your Way To Health.  My mentor was Susun Weed.  What awesome health advice she has to share!  After taking this course I made Nettle Infusion a regular part of my daily consumption.

The other course was titled: The Seven Rivers of Healing.  Susun Weed was also my mentor during this course.  The Seven Rivers of Healing course focuses on how to make the most informed decisions regarding which health modality to use at a given time.  I thoroughly recommend this course.  It is a very balanced way to view the subject matter.


So now back to my subject: Shaman’s Circle with mentor JoAnne Dodgson.  In this 4 lesson course I learned a number of things.

– A Shaman Understands Everything To Be Alive

– How All Of Life Is Inter-Connected

– That Life Is Multi-Dimensional

– The Linear & Non-Linear Realms

– The Ancient Traditional Ways Of The Shaman

– To Live Without Hierarchy

– The Importance Of Natural Cycles

– The Importance Of Sacred Ceremonies

As you can see this course is very thorough.  Presently, my focus and meditations are covering: A Shaman Understand Everything To Be Alive, How All Life Is Inter-Connected & To Live Without Hierarchy. I think we have a lot to learn from the Shaman.  If you are interested in this subject then I would recommend that you visit The Wise Woman University (link below) and get enrolled in their program.

The Wise Woman University –


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