An Interview With An Exorcist: Is The Devil Real?

Not long ago I had Rev. Richard Grund on my radio program and I asked the above question. His reply follows:

Well the thing about Satan that people tell me all the time is that he is not real. He is just an example. Basically I will go to them and say do you believe in God? Yes. Do you believe in Jesus? Yes. And what you telling me is that he is a liar. Because he talks about him as if he is real. We get a story of an actual encounter with him, we get the book of Revelation, it tells you what he will be doing in the end. So either he is real or if he is not then God is a liar. He is real. Not only have I seen him, I don’t want to say face to face because he took another form but I saw his eyes. I have seen his watchers, I have seen his fallen, I have seen his demons. He’s real. You just have to turn on the news in not just one place in Arizona, to see that he is real. That evil is real. It isn’t just the generic evil, it is that he is a real entity. The great thing about a recent mission that I took my team on, was that we now have tangible audio, video and digital pictures to prove that these things are real and that they do respond to and obey the name of Jesus. So the answer to the question is, he is real. And anyone that doesn’t believe that he is real is setting themselves up for some really difficult times in the days ahead. – Rev. Richard Grund

Would love to get a conversation going related to his answer. Is the Devil real? What are your thoughts?

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