Sister Abigail Interviews CNN’s Fitness Guru – Jerry Anderson – Is There Still Wisdom In The Biblical Dietary Laws?

Here is more of the interview I had with Jerry Anderson. What do you think? Are the Biblical Dietary Laws relevant for today?

Sister Abigail – I get a lot of flack sometimes because on my program, I am always sending people back to the biblical dietary laws. And I am saying, what does the Torah, the Old Testament, say that we are supposed to eat, what we aren’t supposed to eat. It says to avoid deep fats. A lot of times as christians, it doesn’t really matter what your theology on is, some people say that because we are not under the law, we are under grace that we can go ahead and eat whatever you want. You know? But, I think that there is still wisdom in the dietary laws.


Jerry Anderson – You are exactly right. Amen. Now here is the thing, we are supposed to use wisdom, in all scriptures inspired by GOD. So that is wisdom. Here is the thing, I was dealing with a grace problem earlier…

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