A Conversation With Sister Abigail And Jerry Anderson – Shopping The Perimeter Of The Store

This is some useful information from my other blog promoting my book The Bible Diet: Biblical Principles For Losing Weight And Looking Great.


Sister Abigail – You were talking about, one of the big things that I like to talk about is what you brought up. The decisions that you make in the grocery store. You mentioned getting the fruit salad, and stuff like that. You have mentioned about shopping around the perimeter of the store before. What does that mean?

Jerry Anderson – Yeah, shop the perimeter. See if you go to the grocery store, around the perimeter is where the fruit, vegetables and the grain, Genesis 1:29. Once you get into the middle, you feel like you are in the bermuda triangle. You are going to get swallowed up in there. That is where the mega galleries are. You have saturated fats, you have trans fats, you have all the cholesterol, the high sodium, all the sugars, that’s all in the middle. But the perimeter, is where you are safe. Fruits…

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