CNN’s Fitness Guru – Jerry Anderson – 12 Minute Workout

Sister Abigail and Jerry Anderson discuss simple ways to workout at home and avoid paying a lot of money going to the gym or buying expensive equipment. I hope this will be a blessing to those of you who desire to take charge of your health.

Sister Abigail – You talk about a 12 minute workout, that starts out with a can of soup.


Jerry Anderson – Yes,yes. A lot of people don’t realize that when you are exercising, you don’t need a gym. Look your body has a marvelous adaptability. The harder that you work, the stronger that you become. So if I am working with a machine at the gym, or a dumbbell at home, or a can of soup, does my body know what I am working out with? No it is adapting to the stress. You can give me two rocks and I will get better results than a trainer at a full fledged gym. Because it is not about equipment, it is about the mind that is using the equipment. And the mind on the assignment. And the mind that is being created. And the mind that is going to the…

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