Sister Abigail Interviews CNN’s Fitness Guru – Jerry Anderson – You Speak A Lot On Supplements. What’s Really Inside Of A Supplement? What’s In The Bottle?

This was such an interesting Interview with Jerry Anderson. He was just an excellent guest to have on my show.

Sister Abigail – You speak a lot on supplements. What’s really inside of a supplement? What’s in the bottle?


Jerry Anderson – Yeah that is important. You know that one of the things is that I don’t endorse a lot of stuff today. One of the things is, I always ask my audiences, when they ask me about supplements. And one thing that I have said is where do the supplements come from? They come from the fruits and vegetables, why don’t you eat them? And the bottom line is I always tell people that God forgot one thing, he forgot to make a supplement tree. C’mon people. Give me a break. The thing is people don’t know what is in that bottle. The FDA, they come out with something every week about somebody violating FDA rules by putting things in a bottle that shouldn’t be there or things not…

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