Welcome To The LadyBeard Project

Some of this is a repeat of an earlier post however now I have added one of my older videos to the article. I have also created a new blog specifically to cover this topic. If any of you would like to participate by sharing your comments, experiences, thoughts or pictures please get in contact with me. Blessings! – Sister Abigail

The Ladybeard Project

Hello I am Sister Abigail and I am the founder of The LadyBeard Project.  This blog was created to End The War On Body Hair For Women Of All Birth Assignments.  I really appreciate your interest in these postings.  If you would like to share a picture or graphic with us  please let me know and I will let you post as part of The LadyBeard Project Community.

All of these postings are artistic and non sexual in nature but some of them may include nudity.  In other words this blog is N(ot)S(afe)F(or)W(ork)!  Do to some of the content on this website I would like to ask that if you are under 18 that you do not view this material.  I have a number of other websites that you maybe interested in.  You can find these links on the bottom of this…

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