The Question Of People Who May Know Jesus Personally But Do Not Know Him By Name

“While visiting a Buddhist Monastery in China, a friend of mine noticed a monk seated peacefully in deep meditation. My friend felt a strong impulse to disturb the monk and share the Gospel with him. As my friend shared the story of Christ’s sacrificial gift of salvation, he noticed the monk was visible moved. Then my friend asked the monk the simple question, “Will you surrender your life to Christ and invite him to be a living presence within you?”

The monk answered with dismay, “Invite him into my life? How can I accept him when he is already within me? I have known him for many years, but I did not know his name. Even as you were telling me about what he did for me, his spirit was prompting me from within to affirm what you told me. Thank you for giving his presence within me a name.”

My friend was left with some disturbing questions. Did that monk have a saving relationship with Christ before he had ever heard the Gospel story? How essential is it to know the name of Jesus? If experiencing Jesus without knowing his name is enough, then how are we to take the verse, “for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:!2)?”

As told by Tony Campolo in his book Letters To A Young Evangelical

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