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Sister Abigail Interviews Jerry Anderson (CNN’s Fitness Guru) – Where Do Cows Get Their Calcium?

This is interview with Jerry Anderson answers the common question about calcium. If you have any questions please feel free to post them below.


Sister Abigail – Someone has asked, if you don’t eat animal source food, like milk, how do you get your calcium?

Jerry Anderson – Awesome, that is a great question. What does the sun bring, vitamin D. You get calcium from fruit, vegetables, and grains. You can get them from green leafy vegetables. There is your calcium source. See what happens is that man gives an answer to a product that they are selling. So you can get it from your vitamin D free. In California, you stand outside in the sun and get your vitamin D for free. Ok boom there you go, photosynthesis.

Sister Abigail – My question is always, where do cows get their calcium?

Jerry Anderson – Exactly. From the green leafy vegetables, right?

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A Conversation With Sister Abigail And Jerry Anderson – Shopping The Perimeter Of The Store

This is some useful information from my other blog promoting my book The Bible Diet: Biblical Principles For Losing Weight And Looking Great.

Sister Abigail – You were talking about, one of the big things that I like to talk about is what you brought up. The decisions that you make in the grocery store. You mentioned getting the fruit salad, and stuff like that. You have mentioned about shopping around the perimeter of the store before. What does that mean?

Jerry Anderson – Yeah, shop the perimeter. See if you go to the grocery store, around the perimeter is where the fruit, vegetables and the grain, Genesis 1:29. Once you get into the middle, you feel like you are in the bermuda triangle. You are going to get swallowed up in there. That is where the mega galleries are. You have saturated fats, you have trans fats, you have all the cholesterol, the high sodium, all the sugars, that’s all in the middle. But the perimeter, is where you are safe. Fruits…

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Sister Abigail Interviews CNN’s Fitness Guru – Jerry Anderson – You Speak A Lot On Supplements. What’s Really Inside Of A Supplement? What’s In The Bottle?

This was such an interesting Interview with Jerry Anderson. He was just an excellent guest to have on my show.

Sister Abigail – You speak a lot on supplements. What’s really inside of a supplement? What’s in the bottle?


Jerry Anderson – Yeah that is important. You know that one of the things is that I don’t endorse a lot of stuff today. One of the things is, I always ask my audiences, when they ask me about supplements. And one thing that I have said is where do the supplements come from? They come from the fruits and vegetables, why don’t you eat them? And the bottom line is I always tell people that God forgot one thing, he forgot to make a supplement tree. C’mon people. Give me a break. The thing is people don’t know what is in that bottle. The FDA, they come out with something every week about somebody violating FDA rules by putting things in a bottle that shouldn’t be there or things not…

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CNN’s Fitness Guru – Jerry Anderson – 12 Minute Workout

Sister Abigail and Jerry Anderson discuss simple ways to workout at home and avoid paying a lot of money going to the gym or buying expensive equipment. I hope this will be a blessing to those of you who desire to take charge of your health.

Sister Abigail – You talk about a 12 minute workout, that starts out with a can of soup.


Jerry Anderson – Yes,yes. A lot of people don’t realize that when you are exercising, you don’t need a gym. Look your body has a marvelous adaptability. The harder that you work, the stronger that you become. So if I am working with a machine at the gym, or a dumbbell at home, or a can of soup, does my body know what I am working out with? No it is adapting to the stress. You can give me two rocks and I will get better results than a trainer at a full fledged gym. Because it is not about equipment, it is about the mind that is using the equipment. And the mind on the assignment. And the mind that is being created. And the mind that is going to the…

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Sister Abigail Interviews CNN’s Fitness Guru – Jerry Anderson – Is There Still Wisdom In The Biblical Dietary Laws?

Here is more of the interview I had with Jerry Anderson. What do you think? Are the Biblical Dietary Laws relevant for today?

Sister Abigail – I get a lot of flack sometimes because on my program, I am always sending people back to the biblical dietary laws. And I am saying, what does the Torah, the Old Testament, say that we are supposed to eat, what we aren’t supposed to eat. It says to avoid deep fats. A lot of times as christians, it doesn’t really matter what your theology on is, some people say that because we are not under the law, we are under grace that we can go ahead and eat whatever you want. You know? But, I think that there is still wisdom in the dietary laws.


Jerry Anderson – You are exactly right. Amen. Now here is the thing, we are supposed to use wisdom, in all scriptures inspired by GOD. So that is wisdom. Here is the thing, I was dealing with a grace problem earlier…

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Interview With CNN’s Fitness Guru – Jerry Anderson – Good Fats And Bad Fats

Here is part 2 of the interview I had with Jerry Anderson. The topic is Good Vs Bad Fats.

Sister Abigail – Right. So, there is essential fats; there is good fat and there is bad fat. Could you explain some of that to us?

Jerry Anderson – You know this is a great question. We really need to understand that our healthy fat, the good fat, are the ones that are liquid at room temperature. And the unhealthy fats are the ones that are solid at room temperature. They have the same clogging effect in your arteries. That’s the saturated fats. That is the one that we should be aware of. In Leviticus 3:17,this is a lasting ordinance for generations to come; no matter where you eat, no matter where you live, don’t eat any fat or any blood. God knew if you take that saturated fat from animals, because he likes aroma. Back in Genesis 7:3, that he likes the aroma of that we put in our…

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Interview With Jerry Anderson – CNN’s Health Guru – Our Bodies Are The Temple Of The Holy Spirit

Jerry Anderson is CNN’s Fitness Guru! He was on my program a few seasons back. This was his comment related to our Bodies Being The Temple Of The Holy Spirit. More of this interview will be posted soon. When it is I will share it with you. If you are interested in downloading this program please visit our store page.

Sister Abigail – Well, amen. So the bible says, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and it also says that we are supposed to present our bodies as a living sacrifice. Do you have any idea of what any of that means?

Jerry Anderson – You know what, Christ died on the cross for us.  And the things is we need to take care of our temples.  In 1 Corinthians 4:26 says you were bought at a price, therefore honor God with your body.   And the decision is that there is a biblical principle to make light of our choices, to take care of our bodies.  You know what is amazing to me is that I see it all the time, the church should be healthier than the unchurch.  Because God has provided every step for us to be healthy and to live a long life for…

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