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Ever Thought About Writing Music? – Learn To Play The Ukulele With Sister Abigail





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This morning I was reading loads of post tagged “depression” and it got me thinking…

What is it that I do to cope when I get depressed?

The answer is…

I play the ukulele!

I used to think that the ukulele was just like a toy guitar or something. But if you look it up on youtube there are loads of uke videos.  Did you know that Eddie Vedder plays the ukulele?  Well, he has an album titled Ukulele Songs.

Now Amanda Palmer has her song titled Ukulele Anthem.  It really is genius.  In it she says…

“If only Sid had had a ukulele, maybe he could have been happy

Maybe he would not have suffered such a sad end “

Could it be that music is a useful tool to cope with depression?  It works for me.  The neat thing is that most anyone can learn to play this neat little instrument.

The above chart teaches some chord progressions that can be used if you wanted to write your own uke song.  Think about it…

Some of the greatest songs of all time came from peoples moments of despair.

I hope to teach each of you the above chords in some of my upcoming videos.

Sister Abigail’s Advice…

Play the UKULELE!