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You Must Look Trans To Join – An Article About Sister Abigail

Quite recently I was alarmed to find out from another transwoman, Abigail Hester, that she can be rejected from a facebook group simply because she does not “Look Trans”!. I cannot believe the depths to which the transgender community will go in order to divide itself further!! This is ridiculous, we set up this incredibly stupid hierarchy and police it worse than the Russian Federation and then spend the rest of our time figuring out how to divide the community further. Divide and conquer, except we are dividing and conquering ourselves!

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 Only Obviously Transgender People May Apply!

Sister Abigail’s Name Changing Ceremony

Thanks for your interest in this post. It is my goal to share with you the various aspects of my transition. This particular archived video is very important to me. I just wanted to share it with you. Blessings!


This is actually a really old program that I thought would be awesome to share with those of you who follow this blog.  I hope that it will be a blessing to you.

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Are there individuals who are bio-sexually wired contrary to their physical sexual (genitals) attributes?

This is an interesting post from one of my other blogs. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them below.


Recently I have been in the following email dialogue with one of my followers. I am always looking forward to answering questions. Please feel free to message me directly by email or just by leaving a comment below.


Are there individuals who are bio-sexually wired contrary to their physical sexual (genitals) attributes? – Gospel Herald


In order for me to best answer your question I need to understand what it is that you are asking. I think I understand what you are asking but if not please feel free to respond to this email and ask again.

It appears that you are describing a transsexual persons predicament.

I describe my condition in terms similar to what you are sharing. I was born male bodied however I identify mentally, emotionally and sexually as female. So then simple answer to your question is yes there are individuals who are bio-sexually…

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Get A Free Copy Of Sister Abigail’s Book – Transsexualism: What Is The Christian Perspective?

If you are interested in receiving a Free copy of Sister Abigail’s book – Transsexualism: What Is The Christian Perspective? then please check out the post for details. Blessings!



I appreciate your interest in this subject and in this blog. To show my appreciation and to stick with the Biblical admonition: “Freely you have received freely give” (Matthew 10:8) I wanted to make this available to you for FREE. If you can afford to support this ministry outreach toward transgender individuals please consider purchasing this book at the link below:


To download your FREE copy of Transsexualism: What Is The Christian Perspective? please click on the below link:


Thanks so much for your support. I really appreciate it!

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